Equivalent to 5,200 Gallons of air consumed every day or 1 Gallon = 3.7 Liters. 

Yes. We breathe up to 20,000 liters of air every single day.

The air we breathe REALLY DOES MATTER to our daily health. Most importantly with our children and their own health. Many indoor materials may cause irritants that

can have a direct effect on our own respiratory health.

EPA lists our INDOOR AIR QUALITY as the 4th largest environmental threat to our country and families.

We spend up to 90% of our day "indoors" within our homes and offices.  Indoor allergens, dust mite feces,

mildew, pathogens, viruses all become airborne.  

Our lungs are the primary organs for respiration. Their function are to transfer oxygen from the air we breathe

into our bloodstream.  Lack of oxygen can deprive our ability to function properly. Causing chronic fatigue and low energy in many people.  Submicroscopic microbes in the air we breathe can debilitate people with weakened immune systems. Lodged and inflammatory within our bronchial airways greatly restrict our ability to breathe. 

Healthy lungs have several cleaning mechanisms so that dust gets eventually removed. Continuously sweeping its

bacteria, pathogens and particulates out of our airways.

There are tiny hair-like structures called cilia in the lining

of the passageways in the lungs that continually "sweep" debris up and out. The cough reflex is also designed to eliminate foreign matter from the lungs. Where the stuff goes depends on whether you spit out what you cough

up or swallow it going into/through our digestive tract.

These mechanisms called "cilia" may be immotile, weakened and damaged in some people. Breathing

dust, chemicals and smoke with many people can be intolerable with weakened immune (respiratory)


When this happens life threatening diseases may occur. Major lifelong lung diseases may cause permanent infliction to our bronchi and/or infection such as a

Chronic Cough, Congestion, Lingering Cold & Flu Symptoms, Immotile Cilia Syndrome, Bronchiectasis,

PCD.  Potential Smoke, Chemicals and Indoor Airborne Irritants such as Pollen, Dust Mites, Dust Mite Feces,

Insect Larva, Chronic Sinusitis, COPD and Emphysema,

may be severe and debilitating in others with weakened immune systems.

Especially with our very young and innocent children in their early developmental stages of life. 


We provide premium, high-performance, "nano-filtration" for your home and family. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER!!! 

Our personnel have over 40 years of personal experience in respiratory care. We know a few things about air quality.  

We know INDOOR AIR QUALITY. Our premier solutions

of known symptoms providing immediate relief as proven moreover with our loyal customers. Our keen ability to understand your home is essential towards a healthier home and family. Nobody does it better!! Nobody!

Far too many homes suffer from poor air circulation.

Our air duct is the highway to our lungs. Our circulatory system within our bodies provide critical movement of blood flow to function properly. This is comparable to

the air flow and pathways within our homes. 

What we breathe really does matter. Think about it. Why do we always become sick in the winter months? Rarely during the summer?  Our home is a bubble trapping these very harmful contaminants to include bacteria and insect feces which become airborne. 

It is widely known that dust mite feces are living organisms that compound rapidly and reside within our airways. ALA conclude these wide spread organisms cause Asthma.

These pathogens include recycled airborne allergens,

infectious bacteria and contaminated air which contain insect feces.  As we inhale these pathogens, they can restrict our ability to breathe. Including narrowing our airways within our bronchial tubes. Especially dangerous

in people and especially children with allergy and asthma symptoms.

Over decades of research, our services and products have been well proven and established providing the very best solutions for your family.  100% Satisfaction.

Tom completely overhauled my HVAC system. This included systems for air purification (no more cigarette smoke!), HEPA filtration, new duct work, new AC, a humidifier (no more nosebleeds), and a customized air circulation system. I was amazed at the amount of detailed scientific knowledge that Tom has regarding IAQ. He has a real passion for this work, having also experienced respiratory problems during his own life.

I ​was breathing easier. I can't say enough good things about Tom. An 

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Genius. With a deep commitment to customer service and follow-up support. If you are having any issues regarding HVAC/IAQ, give ENVIROWORLD USA a call. You won't find a better service provider in the Twin Cities.  Eden Prairie MN John R. 2018 





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odors associated with many known indoor airborne symptoms.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY solutions are critical in the relief of indoor

asthma and allergens. Reducing the need for medications and inhalers. 

For example, our many clients reduced their medications from

daily to just a few times per year.

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Prior to the addition of our Air Quality Systems, one of our daughters would sneeze 10-20 times every day.  Several days after the HVAC installation, she stopped sneezing. Most of all she has reduced her Claritin use by over 90% WOW!  White Bear Lake MN  Dan F. 2004



Your commitment to excellence and doing the job right was stellar. Dusting is less often and the air in our home is much fresher than ever before. We have seen a dramatic change in our health. Very impressed with the results. Edina MN  Mike W.  2006

Our new air quality systems have greatly improved our health. The odors and lingering smoke have been eliminated from within the home. We are sleeping better with less fatigue. Our energy level has been much improved. Very impressed with the amazing results.  Tom is an IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) GENIUS! You won't find a better service provider in the Twin Cities.  Eden Prairie MN  John R. 2016

This note is to say thank you for all you have done for us way beyond the call of duty. How fortunate we were the day you walked into our lives. Previous contractors, and many, told us we just had to live with the frustrations of our heating and cooling system. Your ability to diagnose,  professionalism and resolve of our ongoing problems

were immeasurable. Good to have a GENIUS working in our home.

Lake Elmo MN  Mary E. 2012

This letter is being written as a testimonial for your outstanding service. To say we are satisfied is an understatement. Your company

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Edina MN  Joseph G. 2002